The Worst Microsoft Products Ever Produced

The Worst Microsoft Products Ever Produced: "Throughout its history Microsoft has been design and develop many software and hardware. But have you ever wonder what are the worst Microsoft products ever produced and released to the market?"

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What Should I Put in Meta Tags?

Everyone knows that to obtain high search engine rankings all you have to do is put the keywords that you want to rank high with into your meta tags, right?

What are meta tags? They are information inserted into the "head" area of your web pages. Other than the title tag (explained below), information in the head area of your web pages is not seen by those viewing your pages in browsers. Instead, meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with. Meta tags, for example, can tell a browser what "character set" to use or whether a web page has self-rated itself in terms of adult content.

However, as always happens with anything this simple, people began to abuse it. People (spammers) began to put keywords into the meta tag that had nothing to do with the content of their site. Because they knew lots of people were searching with the keyword "sex," for instance, they'd put that word in their meta tags a number of times to bring visitors to their site, even though their site had nothing to do with sex! Personally, I don't quite understand that logic, because it brings in untargeted visitors But apparently the goal was to bring in traffic, period.

Over time, less and less weight was given to poor abused meta tags, and more and more weight was given to the actual content of the pages. Today the meta keyword tag is quietly living in its foster home and is fairly irrelevant to getting a page ranked high. If you were pressed for time and had to give up one meta tag, this would be the one to give up. To be sure, some engines still do index the words within these meta tags, but it appears that they use them as a minor supplement to the text in the body copy and title tags of your Web pages.

First let's recap what needs to be done before you attempt to create meta keyword tags (ideally these things should be done before the Web site is ever created):

  1. Choose your relevant keywords.
  2. Write the site's content based on these keywords.
  3. Create a title tag using the same keywords.
  4. Create a meta description tag as a marketing sentence, also based on these keywords.

Once you do the above things properly, putting together your meta keyword tag is a very simple procedure.

To ensure your site is comply with search engine optimization (SEO) basic step, you can use online tools META Tag Analyzer. You can find in this link, one of META Tag Analyzer tool that very usefull to correct your META tags. Click this link to try this tool:

SweBee META Analyzer

You can also find this important information about how the rule of META tags:
SEO Tips: META Keywords and META Description Tags Optimization.

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SEO: Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags Optimization

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Microsoft Walked Away from Yahoo

Despite Microsoft (MSFT) best efforts, including raising their bid by roughly $5 billion, Yahoo! (YHOO) has not moved toward accepting their offer. Microsoft explain five reasons why it is a good move for Microsoft to withdrawn its offer.

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What is Google Web Address in Your Country?

This is Google worldwide domains list:

Source: Google's Registered Domains by

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Find Ashford and Simpson Song with Google Search

Do you want to find Ashford and Simpson song file (mp3, wma, etc) with Google Search?

Just read this recent tips about Google Search at Tech Tips & Tricks:

Search Query for Music by

How to search a song, music or mp3 file with Google Search?

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How to search a movie file with Google Search?

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